How to Go About Roofing Installation


Roofing installation is difficult and dangerous work. Find a professional who is experienced and has a solid reputation for quality work. Contact Pikesville Roofing for professional help.Roofing

A thorough roofing estimate will include the start and finish dates of the project, payment terms, sales tax, any other fees (like for dumpster rental) and the company’s contact information.

The type of roofing material you choose makes a huge difference in how well your home’s structure holds up against weather damage, as well as its aesthetic appeal. Talk to a contractor about the different materials available and learn more about their pros and cons.

Shingles are the primary roofing material and come in many styles and colors to match the style of your home. Some shingles are more durable than others, while some offer better protection against water leaks. A roof’s sheathing, or decking, is the structural support layer beneath shingles. It is commonly made of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) and is essential to the integrity of the entire roof structure.

Insulation is one of the most important materials for a roof because it helps prevent hot and cold spots in a house. It also improves energy efficiency and may even lower your utility bills. Some roofing contractors specialize in environmentally-friendly additions to a home’s roof, including reflective shingles and solar panels.

Roof ventilation is another important component to consider. An improperly functioning attic venting system can lead to ice dams and serious roof damage. A balanced ventilation system with ridge vents, soffit vents and attic fans promotes airflow and prevents moisture buildup in the attic space.

During a roofing project, roofers often use a variety of tools. These include a nail gun, high-quality roofing nails and a roofing knife for cutting shingle bundles to size. A hard hat is also a must for roofers. It protects them from falling debris and from head injuries, especially when they’re working on steep-pitched roofs. They also need a work vehicle that can carry the tools and equipment to the job site. If the roof is very steep, they may need roof brackets or toe boards for footing. These are 2-by-4-inch boards screwed into the roof to give the roofer some extra stability. These are often used in place of a ladder on roofs that have a very steep pitch. They are also useful for helping roofers safely load shingles on the highest part of the roof.


If you are a homeowner, it is important to know whether your roofing project requires a permit. Not only is this essential for protecting your investment, but it also helps ensure that your contractor’s work meets local building code standards. The best way to determine whether or not your roof replacement needs a permit is to speak with your local city building inspector. This individual will be able to tell you what types of work require a permit and whether or not the work you are planning is structural in nature.

While different states have varying requirements when it comes to roofing permits, the general rule is that a permit is required whenever the work is structural in nature. This means that minor repairs and maintenance, such as replacing a few tiles or cleaning gutters, typically do not require a permit. However, large-scale projects like a complete roof replacement usually do require a permit. This is because these larger projects involve a significant amount of work and can cause major structural changes to a home.

In many cities, the process of obtaining a permit for reroofing is relatively simple. A licensed roofing contractor can apply for the permit on behalf of a homeowner and submit plans detailing the scope of work involved. The permit will then be inspected by the city to make sure that the construction work meets city standards. If the work does not meet building code standards, the roofing contractor will have to rework it or face fines from the city.

When it comes to re-roofing a home with asphalt shingles, most cities offer an express permit option that allows homeowners to obtain their permits without having to wait long for an inspection. This type of permit can save homeowners time and money in addition to ensuring that their roofing work is performed legally.

While it may seem daunting to determine whether or not your roofing installation will need a permit, contacting a professional roofing service can help ensure that you’re on the right track. These companies are familiar with local building codes and permit requirements and can help you avoid any headaches down the road.


Roofing installation involves lots of hammering and nailing, which can cause vibrations throughout your house. These vibrations can knock things off of walls, such as framed pictures or mirrors. It’s best to remove these items before the work begins. You should also take down any other wall hangings or decorations. These decorations should be moved to a different area of the house during the roofing project, so that they are not damaged by vibrations.

The roofers will need easy access to your rooftop and the space around it to move materials. You should clear the path to your rooftop before the roofers arrive and make sure any gates are unlocked. Providing this easy access will make the job go much more smoothly.

Before the roofers begin work, you should look around your yard and patio to make sure there is a 15-foot clearance all the way around your home. This clearance will prevent the workers from tripping over children’s toys, lawn ornaments, grills, and other outdoor equipment. You should also move any furniture or decorative items that are near the outside of your home, so that they don’t get damaged by falling debris or shingles.

You should also prepare your family members and pets for the noise, mess, and other disruptions that will occur during the reroofing process. The presence of strangers and the loud hammering can be stressful or even dangerous for animals, especially young ones. Keeping your pets and children away from the work areas will minimize their anxiety and help them stay safe.

If your pet is particularly sensitive to these changes, it may be best for them to stay with friends or family during the roofing project. You should also discuss with your kids what the re-roofing process will involve and explain it to them in simple terms. This will make them feel prepared for the changes and understand why they need to be careful. If they have any questions, you should be available to answer them. This will help ease their fears and make them more comfortable during the re-roofing process.


Roofing installation starts with the roofers inspecting your current roof to make sure it is structurally sound and capable of supporting the new roof. If they decide it is not, they will discuss options with you and explain the cost and benefits of each option.

The roofers will then get everything ready for rooing. They’ll set up tarps, cover your pool and anything else that needs protection, and put down wooden boards to keep debris from damaging your landscaping. The roofers will also set up ladders and a hydraulic dumpster to haul off old shingles and debris.

The first row of underlayment will be installed, using a pattern that involves overlapping and nailing. The nails will be close together at the edges and spread out more toward the center. This prevents water from penetrating the underlayment and leaking into your home. After the underlayment is in place, the shingle rows will be installed. Ventilation will be added if necessary (sewer vents, ridge vents, gable vents, and curve vents). Hip and ridge shingles are placed on the top of your roof for a clean look and additional weather protection.

A Job Duty Of A Plumber


plumberworker, service man, plumber or electricPlumbing systems, which include pipes, fixtures, and appliances, remove waste, supply hot and cold water, and regulate indoor climate. Plumbers install, repair, and maintain these systems. They also collaborate with architects and construction teams to ensure that plumbing is built according to specifications and regulations.worker, service man, plumber or electricworker, service man, plumber or electric

This physically demanding job often involves lifting heavy objects and working in tight spaces. It also requires a steady hand to work with tools. Click the Plumber Strongsville OH to know more.Male Plumber Cleaning Clogged Sink Pipe With Drained Cable

Job Duties

worker, service man, plumber or electricGenerally speaking, plumbers are responsible for installing and repairing pipes that allow for water and waste removal in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They often work on heating systems and other energy-related plumbing components as well. Plumbing systems are complicated and require a lot of care to ensure they operate properly, especially in environments with high temperatures like kitchens and bathrooms.

Some common job duties include inspecting existing pipework, testing pressure levels, locating leaks or blockages, fitting replacement parts such as valves and taps, and power flushing central heating systems. Plumbers may also be asked to advise customers on best practices for plumbing maintenance, repair, and safety.

Other important aspects of the job are meeting with clients, providing quotes, and ensuring all work is completed according to the client’s specifications. Plumbers should be familiar with building codes and regulations, and capable of interpreting blueprints and plans. They should also have strong customer service skills and be able to communicate clearly with clients.

Plumbers are frequently required to travel between sites and are on-call for emergency repairs. This can mean working unscheduled hours or even on weekends, depending on the nature of the call. They are required to wear personal protective equipment and follow all health and safety guidelines when performing their tasks. They must be physically able to lift and carry heavy equipment and supplies on a regular basis. Plumbers must be able to climb stairs and ladders, and work in tight or confined spaces on occasion.

Plumbers may also be responsible for installing and repairing backflow prevention devices, septic tanks and systems, and wastewater treatment plants. They must be competent at using a variety of tools and equipment, including sewer augers, vacuum pumps, hoses, drain snakes, gas detectors, and electrical power tools. Those working in the field of construction are responsible for assembling, cutting, and welding materials and piping to meet specifications. They must also be knowledgeable about all aspects of a plumbing system, including design and construction requirements, material selection, and installation methods. They are also required to be familiar with relevant zoning and permit requirements.

Education and Training Requirements

Plumbing is a highly skilled trade that requires education, training and work experience. Typically, a high school diploma or GED certificate is the minimum educational requirement. However, some plumbers choose to attend a vocational school or community college to obtain a degree in the field. These programs provide a more in-depth understanding of the various aspects of plumbing, including local plumbing codes and regulations, blueprint reading, and safety practices.

Upon completion of their degree program, plumbers should complete an apprenticeship. Generally, this is a four or five year program that involves both book learning and on the job training under the guidance of a master plumber. In addition to the technical aspects of the trade, an apprentice will learn how to interact with customers and how to troubleshoot plumbing problems.

After gaining a sufficient amount of experience, plumbers can apply to become a journeyman plumber. The requirements for becoming a journeyman vary by state, but are generally based on a combination of years of experience, passing an exam and undergoing a background check. Some municipalities also require plumbers to attend continuing education courses to keep up with new techniques, safety standards and code changes.

Plumbers often must be able to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions when issues arise. For example, when a pipe bursts or a water heater fails, plumbers must be able to troubleshoot the problem and find an effective solution in a short period of time. They also need to have strong manual dexterity to handle tools and work in tight spaces.

Because they work directly with customers, plumbers must have excellent customer service skills. They must be able to listen to their customers’ concerns, answer any questions they have and explain the process of how the problem will be resolved. Additionally, they must be able to work effectively with contractors and other tradespeople to ensure the plumbing project is completed in a timely manner.

Because plumbing is a trade that involves working with dangerous chemicals and equipment, plumbers must be aware of the proper safety procedures to follow. This includes wearing protective gear such as gloves and goggles, following all safety guidelines and using tools properly.

Job Outlook

Plumbers play an important role in the health and well-being of individuals and societies. Their work ensures that people have access to clean, safe drinking water and drainage systems that eliminate wastewater safely. Without this vital infrastructure, life would be far more difficult and many diseases unnecessarily spread. Plumbers are also responsible for installing and maintaining fire sprinkler systems in commercial buildings and homes, ensuring that building occupants can escape to safety in the event of a fire.

The employment outlook for plumbers is promising, with demand for their services expected to grow faster than the national average. Much of this growth will come from the need to replace aging plumbing systems in existing homes and businesses, as well as new construction projects. In addition, stricter water efficiency standards for toilets and showerheads, as well as regulations governing the installation of home and business sprinkler systems, will generate additional employment opportunities.

Plumber salaries vary by experience, education and location. Entry-level plumbers typically start at around $40,000. However, seasoned professionals can earn upward of $80,000. Those who specialize in certain aspects of plumbing, such as gas fitting or backflow prevention, may command even higher wages. Those who manage or own their own plumbing businesses can also expect to make more than their counterparts working in the field.

In addition to a lucrative salary, plumbing offers a number of other benefits. The work is challenging and rewarding, and it provides a great deal of variety. In addition, plumbers often work in the field, interacting with customers and forging relationships that can lead to future job opportunities. This can be a very rewarding aspect of the job, particularly for those who are naturally social and enjoy meeting new people.

Plumbers are a rare breed in that they can get into the profession with only a high school diploma and then train on the job as an apprentice for four to five years before becoming a journey-level plumber. This can be a great alternative to spending tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive college degree, and it allows apprentices to start earning money right away. Journey-level plumbers can also obtain certifications to boost their resume and increase their employment prospects.

Job Requirements

Plumbers must have excellent customer service skills to interact with clients, including explaining plumbing issues and their associated costs. They must also have good critical thinking skills to weigh alternatives for resolving a problem. Plumbers also need to be physically strong to lift heavy equipment and tools.

The minimum requirements for a career as a plumber begin with a high school diploma or equivalent and classes in science, math and technology. If offered, take drafting classes or vocational training programs, as they will help you develop the skills necessary for this trade. Many plumbers enter the trade through an apprenticeship program, which typically lasts four or five years. During this time, they earn a paycheck and learn the basics of pipe system design, local codes, safety practices and how to use hand and power tools.

After completing an apprenticeship, most jurisdictions require plumbers to pass a journeyman plumbing exam. To qualify, you must have a minimum of two years of experience working on the installation, maintenance or repair of plumbing systems in commercial or residential settings. Some states allow you to substitute directly related academic or technical training for part of the work experience requirement.

Plumbing work can be hazardous, and plumbers must follow all applicable state and local regulations when performing their duties. This includes wearing the appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection, and following all relevant health and safety rules when operating heavy equipment. Plumbers also need to drive on a regular basis to get to job sites, so they must have a valid driver’s license.

Some plumbers choose to specialize in specific types of plumbing, such as sewer systems or fire sprinklers. Specializations increase your employment opportunities and may lead to higher wages. You can also advance in your field by earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering, which can open the door to careers in building services engineering or heating and ventilation engineering. This degree may also qualify you to teach or mentor apprentices. In addition to formal education and training, some plumbers obtain advanced certifications to improve their skills or work in new areas.


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How to Find a Reputable Emergency Plumber


When a plumbing emergency occurs, it is important to have reliable and professional help at hand. Emergency Plumbers Tampa can save you money, time, and hassle.Plumber

To make the right choice, consider these factors: reputation, experience, availability, and licensing. This will help you find a local emergency plumber who can provide fast response and quality repairs.

When a plumbing problem arises, it’s essential to address it immediately. A delay in fixing the issue can lead to further damage and costly repairs. A good emergency plumber can provide fast service and minimize the impact of the problem on your home or business. To find a trustworthy plumbing company, it’s important to consider their reputation and experience. You can do this by checking online reviews and testimonials. You can also use matching services that connect you with local plumbers and let you see their previous projects, customer ratings, and quotes in one place.

Whether it’s a burst pipe, toilet overflow, or water heater failure, a plumbing emergency can happen anytime. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a plumbing company that offers 24/7 emergency services. This way, you can be sure that help will be just a phone call away at any time of the day or night.

A good emergency plumber will respond to your calls within an hour or less. This is because they understand the urgency of the situation and know how to respond quickly to ensure that your needs are met. Moreover, they have the tools and equipment necessary to fix the problem quickly.

Plumbing emergencies are a hassle to deal with, but they don’t have to be. When you hire a professional plumbing company, they will make sure that the job is done correctly the first time around. In addition to that, they will take the necessary steps to prevent future plumbing problems from arising.

The best way to protect yourself from emergency situations is by implementing preventative measures. Some of these include shutting off the main water supply valve and turning off any electricity that could come into contact with water. This will help reduce the chances of electrical fires and other serious hazards.

It’s also a good idea to keep a list of emergency numbers handy so that you can call them in the event of an urgent problem. This will save you a lot of stress and time. Also, it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan in case your emergency plumber is unable to get to you at the last minute.

Licensed & Insured

Plumbing emergencies don’t always happen at a convenient time, and when they do it’s important to find an emergency plumber near you who can respond quickly. Emergency plumbers are trained professionals who have specialized skills and knowledge to handle emergency situations. They can help with a wide range of issues, from burst pipes to sewer backups and more.

Before hiring an emergency plumber, be sure to check their credentials. Make sure they’re licensed and insured so you can be confident in their work. Also, be sure to check online reviews and testimonials. It’s important to find a plumber that is reliable and will do quality work.

A sewage backup is a serious health hazard and should be considered an emergency. This is because it can cause symptoms like vomiting, fever, and gastroenteritis. Sewage backups are usually caused by a blocked line or a broken sewer pump. An emergency plumber can help with this problem by locating the source of the issue and fixing it as soon as possible.

Another common plumbing emergency is a loss of water. This can be a major inconvenience because it will affect your entire household. You won’t be able to wash dishes, take showers, or water your plants. An emergency plumber can fix this problem by turning off your water and repairing any damaged parts of your home’s plumbing system.

Hidden leaks are another reason to call an emergency plumber. If left unattended, they can cause extensive damage to your home and lead to expensive repairs. Emergency plumbers can find and repair these leaks quickly so that you don’t have to spend more money in the future.

An emergency plumber should have liability insurance to cover any accidents or damages that may occur during the job. This is especially important if you have children or elderly people living in your home. It’s also a good idea to look for a plumber who has workers’ compensation insurance, which covers medical expenses and lost wages in the event of an injury or illness. This is a requirement for most plumbers, and it’s a good way to ensure that you’re working with a reputable company.

Experienced & Reputable

When you need emergency plumbing services, you are typically dealing with a situation that cannot wait until normal business hours. You may also be facing a crisis that could cause damage to your property or threaten the safety of your family members. These situations call for plumbers with experience and a good reputation in the industry. Before hiring an emergency plumber, you should ask around for recommendations from friends and family members, and check online reviews. This will help you find a highly-rated plumber that is available at the time of your need.

Some common plumbing emergencies include burst pipes, leaking water tanks, and overflowing toilets. In many cases, these issues can be easily resolved by shutting off the water to the affected area and allowing it to drain out. However, in some situations, the pipe may be beyond repair, and you may need to replace it. In any event, you should always turn off the water before calling an emergency plumber.

Other plumbing emergencies include clogged drains and sewer line backups. These problems are not only unsightly but can lead to health and safety risks. Luckily, emergency plumbers are equipped with tools to handle these issues quickly and effectively. They can use powerful drain cleaners to remove stubborn clogs and restore proper drainage. They can also assess and repair sewer lines that are damaged or leaking.

In addition to these services, emergency plumbers can also help with gas leak detection and backflow prevention. Backflow is a serious concern in commercial properties as it can cause polluted water to return to the drinking supply. Emergency plumbers can install, maintain, and repair devices to prevent backflow to safeguard the health of customers and staff.

In order to find the right emergency plumber, you should make sure that they are licensed and insured. In addition, you should only hire a professional with years of experience in the industry. It is also important to choose a company that offers 24/7 service. This way, you can rest assured that they will be able to respond to your needs at any time of the day or night.

24/7 Service

Some plumbing problems are so severe that they cannot wait until normal business hours to be fixed. When these issues occur, you need to have a 24-hour plumber that is available for immediate service. This can save you time and money, as you won’t have to wait around for a plumber to come in the morning.

Getting emergency plumbing services is necessary to prevent serious damage that can affect your property’s value. For example, a leaky faucet can cause water loss and lead to costly repair bills in the future. Also, if you ignore plumbing problems for too long, they may get worse and cause more extensive damage.

However, many homeowners tend to over-emphasize the importance of emergency plumbing repairs. They treat every plumbing issue as a life-or-death crisis and call the plumber right away. This is not always the best idea, especially for small problems that can be resolved easily.

Aside from causing expensive repair bills, ignoring plumbing issues can also put your health and safety at risk. A clogged toilet or a pipe leak can cause flooding, which in turn can lead to mold growth and other health hazards. If you are not sure whether a problem is an emergency, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and consult with a professional.

When choosing a plumber, it’s important to find out how experienced and qualified they are. Ask for references and check online reviews to ensure that you are hiring a reputable plumber. You should also make sure that the plumber is licensed and insured, so you can be confident in their skills.

Aside from being able to respond quickly to your plumbing emergencies, 24-hour plumbers are also available to perform routine maintenance tasks and upgrades. They can fix broken drains, install new water heaters, unclog toilets, and more. These services are a great way to keep your home in top condition and improve its resale value. Moreover, they can help you avoid costly repairs by fixing minor problems before they become bigger ones. So, if you are experiencing a plumbing problem, don’t hesitate to contact a 24-hour plumber for immediate assistance.

The Role of a Real Estate Broker

In the real estate industry, it is important to set yourself apart from your competition. Your bio can help you do this by highlighting your professional achievements, hobbies, and community involvement.

Real Estate Broker Las Vegas have more responsibilities than agents, including ensuring that transactions are legal and handling all the paperwork. They also can own their own brokerage and hire other agents.


Local knowledge is a key component of real estate expertise. It enables agents to offer clients insights that can make the buying and selling process smoother. It can also help agents stand out in a competitive market. To develop local knowledge, real estate professionals need to understand the unique characteristics of a market, including demographics, price trends, and neighborhood amenities. This information can help agents develop targeted marketing strategies that will appeal to buyers and sellers.

Local market knowledge can also help agents predict future changes in the local housing market. For example, if a new school is built in a neighborhood, it may affect property values and demand. An agent with local knowledge can also identify factors that impact the quality of life in a neighborhood, such as traffic patterns and noise levels.

Real estate agents with extensive local knowledge are also more likely to have a network of resources that can streamline real estate transactions. This can include mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and contractors. This can save clients time and money, as well as give them a better chance of finding the right home for their needs.

Having local knowledge also allows agents to create a personalized experience for their clients. For instance, they can share recommendations for local restaurants or attractions that will enhance a buyer’s experience. This can help build trust and credibility. They can also anticipate market fluctuations and provide clients with timely advice to guide them through the real estate process.

Another way to demonstrate your local expertise is by sharing community news and events with your audience. This can be done through social media platforms like Nextdoor, where you can post market data analysis and other informative content. You can even produce videos of neighborhood tours to show off your area knowledge. This will help you establish yourself as an expert and attract more prospective clients.

Customer testimonials

Real estate testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools a realtor can use. They can help potential clients gain trust in the agent’s expertise and ability to close deals quickly and smoothly. Testimonials also allow agents to showcase their professionalism and work ethic.

It’s important to get testimonials from a variety of sources, including online and offline. You can include them on your website, social media, and other marketing materials. However, you should focus on testimonials from a few key clients to highlight your strengths and expertise. These testimonials will be more effective and persuasive than those from unrelated customers.

A good real estate agent will seek out feedback from past clients and ask them to provide a testimonial. They can do this by email, phone call, or in-person meetings. The testimonial should be honest and specific. It should be about the experience the client had with the realtor, and it should include the agent’s name and contact information. Moreover, the testimonial should mention specific aspects of the realtor’s service that were outstanding.

For instance, a testimonial could say, “Mark was very professional and responsive to our questions.” This is more specific than, “He was reliable, helpful, and knowledgeable.” In addition, it’s important to ask clients if they would recommend the agent to friends and family. This way, the agent can ensure that they are getting positive testimonials from people who will be a good fit for their business.

Testimonials are a critical part of a realtor’s marketing strategy, and it’s important to be creative when collecting them. One way to do this is by creating a dedicated page on the website for testimonials. This will give the testimonials a high visibility and improve search engine optimization. In addition, it will also increase traffic to the website.

Another way to collect testimonials is by interviewing former clients on the phone. You can do this in a short timeframe and it will give your customer testimonials a more authentic feel. This method can be used for both residential and commercial real estate.

Personal information

Real estate brokers must be able to protect their client’s personal information. They must never share details on social media, and they must also be careful about the types of content that they post online. Sharing inappropriate or confidential content can cause legal trouble for both the broker and the client. In addition, they must be aware of any privacy laws that apply to their practice.

A real estate broker is a licensed professional who has the knowledge, expertise and training to help clients buy or sell properties. A broker’s duties include negotiating the sale or exchange of property and acting as a liaison between buyers, sellers and lenders. They may also be responsible for preparing comparative market analyses, writing ads, and arranging appointments to show properties. In addition, they may also be involved in other office activities such as typing contracts and answering phone calls.

To become a real estate broker, you must be licensed in the state of New York and complete the appropriate courses and examinations. Typically, you must have a minimum of two years of experience as a licensed real estate agent. In order to apply, you must submit an application to the Department of State. You must also satisfactorily complete 152 hours of approved qualifying education and pass the broker licensing exam. To find a licensed broker, you can search the eAccessNY database by name, city or county.

Data privacy laws are a growing concern for consumers, and it’s important for real estate professionals to understand how these regulations affect their business. Many states have implemented regulations around data breaches, requiring businesses to notify people if their personal information has been compromised. Additionally, the protection of personal information act (POPIA) has changed the way that real estate agents must handle sensitive information. Real estate agents must obtain consent from clients before collecting personal information and must ensure that the data is used for the intended purpose. POPIA also grants individuals the right to request access to their personal information, adding another layer of protection for consumers.


A real estate broker can act as a mentor to help new agents enter the business. They can also assist with marketing and networking and offer guidance in navigating the real estate market. A broker can also connect clients with other professionals, such as mortgage lenders and home inspectors.

A broker may choose to work with a larger firm or run their own brokerage. Joining a larger firm can provide valuable mentorship, resources and a client base to launch their career. However, running a brokerage can provide greater flexibility and control over the business.

Real estate brokers must meet education, experience and licensing requirements in their state to qualify for the position. Some states require that prospective brokers complete a course and pass a comprehensive exam. Study materials and exam prep courses are often available to help candidates succeed. Once licensed, a broker can choose to work with either buyers or sellers.

Principal or designated brokers oversee the operations and transactions of a real estate brokerage. They hire real estate agents, set sales goals and establish commissions. They are responsible for ensuring that all transactions are in compliance with state and national real estate laws. In addition, they ensure that all agents are performing their duties properly and that no one is engaging in fraud or misrepresentation.

The principal/designated broker may employ managing brokers or associate brokers to supervise the day-to-day activities of a firm. Managing brokers manage the office and perform administrative duties, while associate brokers are licensed to perform brokerage services but must still work under the supervision of a principal broker or designated broker.

Unlicensed assistants, such as licensed real estate salespersons and real estate agents, are also employed by some real estate firms. These individuals may be compensated on a per-activity or salaried basis. However, they must be reimbursed by the licensed broker or salesperson for any activities not performed under their license. Additionally, they cannot engage in any office activities that require a broker’s license or that are prohibited under Section 440 of New York State Real Property Law.

Warrior Trading Review


Warrior Trading Review is a community hub with educational resources and a simulator. It is focused on day trading stocks and is primarily designed for beginners. Its founder, Ross Cameron, progressed from a beginner to a trading education expert.affiliate

Warrior Trading has a chat room with live streams and market news. Users can also subscribe to Tools Package 2 to access pre-configured scans for large caps, trading halts, and more.

Warrior Trading is a stock trading platform offering various educational resources for traders of all experience levels. The website offers trading courses, a community, mentoring, and trading tools. The site also has a trading simulator, which can help new traders learn and practice trading without risking real money. However, some reviews of the website are not positive. One review from Reddit, for example, points out that Ross Cameron’s small-cap scalping strategy is not suitable for beginner traders.

The Warrior Trading website offers a number of trading strategies and tactics, including swing trades, day trading, and long-term investing. Its tutorial videos cover everything from the basics of trading to advanced concepts such as technical analysis and chart patterns. The website also features videos of Ross Cameron and other expert traders in action, allowing viewers to see how they work with the market.

Although there are many online trading resources, Warrior Trading stands out from the crowd. Its high-quality customer support and interactive community are some of the highlights of its offerings. The company’s team of support agents is made up of experienced traders, which helps them understand the challenges and frustrations that traders face. Its customer satisfaction rate is over 90%, which is an impressive figure for a stock trading membership service.

In addition to a variety of educational materials, Warrior Trading provides access to a wide array of trading tools and a virtual trading simulation. The site also has a blog with daily updates on the latest news and market trends. It also hosts webinars and live events to help members improve their trading skills.

The Warrior trading simulator is a great tool for beginners who want to practice their strategies before trading with real money. The program allows users to develop their skills and make informed decisions when they invest their funds. In addition, the trading simulator helps new traders develop discipline and patience by removing the emotional factor.

While Warrior Trading is a good choice for novice investors, it is not suitable for individuals with low-risk tolerances. In fact, a study by the School of Economics found that 97% of people who try to make a living as a day trader lose their money. However, this does not mean that you can’t succeed with this strategy if you follow the right rules and avoid common mistakes.

Warrior Trading is an online trading community that provides intensive, personalized and easy-to-understand training courses on day trading. The site also offers simulated trading charts and tools, chat rooms and group mentorship sessions. However, its courses are expensive and its service is not suitable for people with low-risk tolerance. The website is also not recommended for beginners with no prior trading experience.

Ross Cameron founded Warrior Trading in 2012 with the goal of creating a community of freedom traders committed to achieving financial independence. The company has grown rapidly, with a subscriber base of over 500,000. Its services are largely focused on teaching beginner traders the basics of trading through chat rooms, videos and simulated trading charts. While there have been accusations of dishonest behaviour and incorrect content, the site is a legitimate service and offers comprehensive educational materials.

The Warrior Trading chat room is active all day long and draws a crowd of hundreds of members. Members interact with each other and with Ross, who provides commentary throughout the day. The chat room also hosts special workshops on topics like VWAP trading, momentum trading, and short selling.

A key feature of Warrior Trading is the ability to track and analyze your own trades. The website allows you to see your own historical performance, and can even generate a report that highlights key trends. This tool is useful for developing your own trading strategies and making decisions about your next steps.

In addition to tracking your own trades, the Warrior Trading chatroom is a great resource for learning new strategies and tactics. Many of the participants in the chatroom are Warrior Pro graduates who have verified their profitability. This information can help you determine whether the training is worth the price.

The Warrior Trading chatroom is a good place to get started in day trading, and it offers a range of free resources for traders of all experience levels. The chatroom’s hottest stocks are highlighted in daily watch lists, and Ross and the moderators share their trading insights and advice. The website also has a vast knowledge base, and customer support is available through ticketing.

The Warrior Trading community has many features to help new traders learn day trading. These include chat rooms, a trading simulator and a stock scanner. In addition, they offer a wide range of educational videos and courses. Many users have found these to be helpful in learning the skills of day trading. However, the community could do more to foster more structured conversations and mentoring.

Traders who follow trends are able to take advantage of big market moves by minimizing losses and maximizing profits. They can do this by diversifying their investment portfolios, focusing on low-risk assets and taking advantage of short-term trends.

Although it is difficult to predict the beginning or end of a trend, traders can use their knowledge and experience to develop a system that will allow them to react quickly. They can do this by identifying the underlying dynamics of a market, including its price action and volume. They can also identify the key market drivers and use them to forecast future direction.

One of the most common ways to find a trend is through technical analysis, which is based on the concept that prices move in waves. These waves occur at certain times and in a specific order. When a wave reaches its peak, it will begin to decline. The resulting sell-off will create an opportunity for traders to make profit.

Warrior Trading’s customer service system is well-rounded, with a team of support agents and a vast knowledge base. However, response time can be a little slow during busy periods. In addition, the platform’s advertising strategies have been criticized as being misleading and may result in legal repercussions.

The Warrior Trading YouTube channel has over 1.05 million subscribers and features tutorial videos on day trading. Ross Cameron teaches his trading methods through these videos, and he often interacts with viewers in the live streams. The website offers a free trial for its services, and subscription packages are available for more comprehensive access. Each subscription package includes trading courses, market news updates, trading simulators and chat rooms. The Warrior Trading subscription packages are priced according to the user’s needs and goals.

Warrior Trading is an educational platform that provides paid training courses for people who want to become expert traders. It also offers a variety of day trading materials, chat rooms, strategies, stock scanners, daily watch lists, coupons, and more. The community is run by Ross Cameron, a renowned trader with many years of experience in the market. He has developed an extensive knowledge base that he shares with his subscribers through the platform’s courses and tools.

The website’s extensive collection of video materials is an excellent resource for both novice and experienced traders. The videos are easy to understand and offer detailed explanations of the various trading strategies. In addition, the site features an interactive community where members share their experiences and insights. This feature is particularly helpful for beginners, as it can help them avoid common mistakes and increase their profits.

Another great feature of Warrior Trading is its trading simulator, which allows users to practice their techniques in a risk-free environment. The simulator uses real-time market data and Level 2 data, giving traders a realistic, comprehensive trading experience. This feature is an invaluable tool for both beginners and experienced traders, as it allows them to develop their skills without putting their capital at risk.

While Warrior Trading’s educational content is outstanding, the company’s recent legal entanglements have raised some concerns. The lawsuit arose from the company’s false advertising practices, which included making misleading claims about the potential profitability of their trading strategies. The company has since been required to pay a hefty fine and refund customers.

The Warrior Trading YouTube channel has over 1.05 million subscribers, and Ross Cameron posts tutorial videos every few days. The videos provide valuable information about trading and can help you decide whether the platform is right for you. However, it’s important to keep in mind that trading is a high-risk activity, and you can easily lose money if you’re not careful. As a result, it’s important to have an emergency fund saved up in case of any losses. Additionally, you should avoid chasing profits, as this can lead to emotional trading decisions.




Avoid These Mistakes When Doing a DIY Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a great way to add value to your home. It also provides a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Click to learn more.

However, some DIY projects may be better left to the professionals. Some examples include framing, installing drywall, tiling, and vapor barriers. Cutting corners in these areas could result in costly repairs or even injury.

bathroom remodeling

It takes time and practice — some say 6 to 10 years worth of it — to get good at construction. Many DIYers, however, attempt to remodel their bathrooms without any previous experience. This can result in a substandard finished product and unforeseen expenses.

While a basic decor project may be easy for an experienced DIYer, most bathroom renovations require specialized knowledge of plumbing and electrical work. If you plan to do a major overhaul, hiring a professional contractor is important.

A professional contractor has the knowledge and experience to complete a full bathroom remodel in less time than the average DIYer. Additionally, they’ll likely have access to high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Hiring a professional contractor can also save you money in the long run. Rather than dealing with the stress and expense of a DIY bathroom remodel, you can trust the professionals to do the job right the first time.

One of the biggest issues with DIY bathroom remodels is that they often need to be completed. The lack of expertise can lead to unexpected costs and delays, ultimately costing more than hiring a professional. It’s crucial to plan your project and stick to a schedule carefully. You should also budget extra time for unforeseen problems or repairs that may arise as the project continues.

A DIY bathroom remodel can be a great way to update the look and feel of your home. However, it’s important to consider the amount of time and money you will spend on a project that will ultimately add little value to your home. It’s better to hire a professional contractor to do the job the right way and avoid costly mistakes that can impact the overall look of your home for years to come.

Poor planning is one of the most common mistakes DIYers make when remodeling their bathroom. This can lead to various problems, including unexpected costs and inconvenience for homeowners. A clear plan can also lead to a smooth project timeline, resulting in frequent stops and starts and a less-than-ideal finished product.

Homeowners may also cut corners to save money during the renovation, causing a loss in quality or introducing safety concerns. For example, cutting corners on materials or installing improper electrical wiring could be dangerous. This is especially true when dealing with complex tasks like tiling or changing fixtures and can lead to expensive damage and repairs down the road.

Inadequate planning can also mean overlooking important factors, such as its function or how it will be used when remodeling your bathroom. It is critical to have plumbing and electrical professionals review your plans before beginning work to prevent costly blunders. For example, a poorly organized layout or choosing options that are more attractive than functional can lead to an uncomfortable bathroom.

Another important consideration when remodeling your bathroom is considering your family’s long-term needs, such as if you will have children or need to accommodate aging parents who may live with you in the future. Incorporating Universal Design features into your renovation is an excellent way to do this. It’s also worth planning ahead by putting in blocking for grab bars in your walls now, which will save you time and hassle down the road.

Ultimately, homeowners must weigh the benefits of doing their bathroom remodel against hiring professional contractors to perform the work. Hiring a professional contractor is often more cost-effective and practical for complicated projects involving complex wiring and plumbing or for those with little DIY renovation experience. A professional contractor can provide a higher level of service and ensure the project is completed correctly, saving homeowners both time and money in the long run. If you need help deciding whether to do your bathroom remodel or hire a professional, consult a licensed contractor to discuss the pros and cons of each option.

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, choosing the right materials is crucial. This is because bathroom remodels require special considerations due to the wet and humid environment. In addition, various materials are available for use in bathrooms, each with unique characteristics. Choosing the wrong materials can result in a host of problems, from water damage and mildew to unsightly stains.

Inexperienced homeowners often need help with material selection. Selecting durable and functional materials that complement the space’s existing design aesthetic is important. For example, shower doors, tracks, and curtain rods come in various styles, colors, and finishes. It’s also vital to choose materials that are compatible with the bathroom’s plumbing and electrical needs.

Another common mistake is overlooking the need for proper waterproofing. Waterproofing materials are essential in bathrooms to ensure moisture doesn’t seep into the walls and cause mold or other structural problems. It’s important to select the right waterproofing materials and properly install them, as this can help prevent costly and time-consuming problems.

Finally, it’s important to plan the layout of the new space carefully. A well-designed layout can lead to mismatched tile, gaps between flooring and fixtures, and other issues. It’s essential to create a clear project plan before starting and consult with a professional contractor if necessary.

DIY bathroom remodels can save homeowners money but can also be dangerous if not executed properly. It’s recommended that homeowners seek the assistance of a professional contractor for advanced tasks, such as working with electrical wiring or water supply lines. It’s also advisable to research local building codes and carefully budget for materials, labor, and permits before undertaking a DIY remodel.

A large DIY project can take time, patience, and energy. In some cases, especially with plumbing or electrical work, a licensed professional should be brought in for safety purposes and to make sure that everything complies with local codes. Licensed professionals can also pull permits and perform inspections, which the local building authority may require.

An online guide or how-to video might be helpful for some smaller projects, but it will always be the same as a professional contractor’s experience, skill, and intuition. Hiring a professional to complete the major projects in your bathroom remodel will protect you from costly mistakes and potential health and safety hazards down the road.

Another common mistake for DIYers is selecting poor-quality materials to save money. This practice is a waste of money and could be dangerous if the products aren’t suited to your home or the way you use your bath. Professional contractors can provide expert advice on the best materials to use in your remodel and ensure that they’re installed properly to last for years to come.

Tear down walls and cabinets to reclaim the space is an exciting aspect of any remodeling project. Still, it would be best always to preserve the original location of electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and other essential utilities. These vital services are often located in a confined space that is hard to see and reach without damaging or disturbing them. This is why consulting with plumbing and electrical experts is important before undertaking a DIY bathroom renovation.

Lastly, it’s also important to consider the environmental impact of your new bathroom and whether or not it will be energy efficient. Installing low-flow toilets and faucets, insulated windows, and proper lighting can not only help to reduce your carbon footprint. Still, it can boost resale value and qualify you for tax credits or rebates. Many upgrades are available at your local home improvement center, tile store, and bathroom showrooms. They can be easily incorporated into your bathroom remodel without compromising design or style.



Psychic Readings For All Occasions

Psychic Readings

Psychic reading is a good way to gain clarity in a difficult situation. It also offers comfort and boosts confidence. There are many online psychic websites that offer this service. Some of them offer free minutes or discounts for new customers.Psychic Readings

Psychics use different tools to read energy, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and psychometry. Choosing the right psychic for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, love readings can help you navigate the ups and downs of your romantic journey. They can also help you understand on a deeper level what’s going on in your relationship and what you can do to fix it. Using tarot cards, these readings can also offer insight into your personal growth and emotional development.

During a love reading, you should ask a specific question about your relationship or your future relationship. There are a number of different tarot spreads to choose from, but you should be sure to select the one that best suits your question. Typically, you’ll need to pull 6 cards. During your reading, try to focus on your questions and not your emotions.

A love tarot reading can help you figure out what’s going on in your current relationship or find the right one for you. This card reading can also reveal how to cultivate lasting love in your life.

When you receive the Queen of Pentacles, it indicates that someone in your life is supporting your personal growth. This is a positive sign, and you should be grateful for them. If you see the Five of Cups, it’s time to let go of a difficult situation. Although this card can be depressing, remember that hardships are a necessary part of love and life.

The Six of Swords indicates that it’s time to leave a difficult situation. This could mean leaving a relationship that’s not good for you or a career move that requires more commitment. It may even mean cutting ties with friends who don’t share your values. This is a difficult situation, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Lost objects readings

When you lose something valuable, it can be a real blow. It is even more distressing when it’s something that holds a lot of sentimental value for you, or even monetary value. Fortunately, psychics have a way of helping you find those lost objects. They may use various methods, but some of the most common are clairvoyance and remote viewing. They can also help you locate objects that have been stolen from you, but this type of reading requires more time since the item is likely to move.

In a lost object psychic reading, the psychic will ask for some information about the object, including its size, color, and any other identifying features. They will then use divination tools to locate the object. For example, a pendulum can be used to answer “yes” or “no” questions and can determine the direction of an object’s location. Psychics can also utilize a map or drawing to pinpoint the location of the object. In addition, they can connect with spirits who have owned the lost item in past lives to define its location.

Psychic energy feeds on emotions, so it is important that you remain calm and focused throughout the lost object reading. It is also beneficial to have some idea of where the item was found, as this can help the psychic connect with the energy of the object.

The best way to select a psychic is to check their reviews and testimonials. You should also compare the price options and reading categories on each site. Lastly, look at the psychics’ portfolios to see their experience level and specialty. Choosing the right psychic will save you money and time.


Cartomancy is a psychic power that involves the use of playing cards for predictions. It is often compared to tarot readings, but they are different in some ways. Tarot cards tend to have more specific meanings, while cartomancy readings are more flexible in their interpretation. This makes them better for answering literal questions, while tarot readings are more suitable for open-ended questions about the future.

Unlike tarot, which has a set of 78 cards, cartomancy uses a standard deck of 52 cards. This is the same deck that is used to play poker and games like Go Fish. These playing cards are divided into four suits- hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades- each of which has 13 cards with their own unique meanings. During a reading, the cards are shuffled and then drawn to provide guidance. The card’s meaning can be interpreted using the suit symbolism and your intuition.

A card in the heart suit symbolizes a new relationship or love interest, while a card in the spades suit speaks of financial gains and losses. A three-card spread is ideal for a past, present, and future prediction. For more in-depth information, you can opt for a nine or 21-card spread.

The first step in learning cartomancy is familiarizing yourself with the card meanings. While you can read a deck yourself, it’s easier to get guidance from an experienced psychic reader. You can also ask your psychic to use a specific method of Cartomancy to give you more clarity. It’s best to choose a psychic who has experience with your particular situation, so they can give you the most accurate guidance. Psychic Source offers Cartomancy readings via chat, phone, or video, so you can choose the option that’s most convenient for you.

Past life readings

A past life reading is a type of psychic session that allows you to explore the forces that shape your soul through multiple incarnations. It can be a healing and transformational experience, but it’s important to remember that the past is not necessarily “reality.” This means that you may experience a mixture of emotions after the reading. It’s important to find a psychic that is skilled in helping people navigate these feelings.

A psychic who performs a past life reading will tune into your energies to intuit the identities and defining actions of your previous incarnations. The session can be a first-person, experiential reading or an Akashic Records reading. The latter is more accurate, but it can also be a more intense experience. In both cases, the information you receive can have a profound impact on your life.

The key to a successful past life reading is to set your intention before the appointment. This can be done by meditating or writing down what you want to learn from your past lives. This will help you make the most of your time with your psychic. If you’re unsure of what to expect, a good place to start is to ask yourself questions about your purpose and the relationships in this lifetime.

A past life reading can reveal a variety of clues that explain some of the challenges you face in this lifetime. For example, certain fears and phobias can be traced back to traumatic experiences in past incarnations. Similarly, unresolved trauma and karma can carry over between lifetimes until it is healed. Psychics can help you release these energies and move forward in your life.

Psychic mediumship

Psychic mediums are individuals who can communicate with the deceased. They can provide insight and guidance from loved ones who have passed on. They also help their customers to come to terms with death and move forward. The mediums may use their own psychic abilities or rely on the spirits to give them information. Many of them offer their services through online or phone readings.

While there are many people who claim to be psychic mediums, it is important to choose a reputable company. Avoid psychics who use fear tactics or try to scare you into purchasing additional services. You should also stay away from those who make sweeping promises about the future or claim to remove curses through special powder. Lastly, avoid psychics who offer guarantees about the accuracy of their predictions.

If you are interested in becoming a psychic medium, it is helpful to seek out a teacher or mentor who can guide you in your journey. You can also read books or attend workshops to learn more about the craft. Some psychic fairs and conferences feature mediums and offer workshops to learn the craft.

Developing psychic mediumship requires practice and dedication. You can strengthen your psychic abilities by practicing meditation and visualization exercises. You can also practice giving readings to friends or family members. Psychic mediums can also strengthen their skills by attending workshops or taking courses in spiritual development.

Whether you are looking for a psychic to connect with a deceased loved one or want some comfort, Kasamba has the right psychic. The site offers a free psychic reading for first-time customers, which is worth checking out. The platform has a simple interface and offers multiple options for a session with a medium. You can even chat with a psychic via video.

Why Chimney Cleaning Is Necessary

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning Charleston is an important part of fireplace and furnace maintenance. Not only does it clear soot and debris, but it also removes creosote that can clog the chimney and cause a fire.Chimney Cleaning

A professional cleaner uses heavy metal bristled brushes and rods to clean the flue. They also use safety gear like goggles and a mask to protect themselves from soot and ash.

Creosote buildup in your chimney can cause a number of issues, including reduced airflow. It can also impact how well your fireplace and wood stoves burn and can increase the risk of chimney fires.

Chimney cleaning is an essential part of maintaining the safety of your home and keeping your family safe from potential hazards. You should clean your chimney at least once a year.

A professional chimney sweep will remove all the creosote deposits from your chimney flue and make sure that it is free of debris so you do not have to worry about them building up again. They can use a range of tools to clean your chimney, including a rotary tool or a pole and brush.

Stage 1 creosote is the easiest to remove and consists of small flakes. This type of creosote can be removed with a regular chimney brush, and most homeowners will be able to do this.

Unfavorable burning conditions can lead to stage 2 creosote buildup, which is more difficult to remove and resembles black tar-like flakes. This type of creosote is at a higher risk of starting chimney fires, and it requires more specialized tools to remove it.

Typically, these types of chimney creosote deposits are formed when the chimney has insufficient air flow or when firewood is wet or unseasoned. These issues can be prevented with proper maintenance of your chimney and by using seasoned wood.

As a result, if you want to prevent stage 2 and 3 creosote buildup in your fireplace or chimney, it is important to have your chimney cleaned on an annual basis by a professional chimney sweep. This will ensure that you have a properly working chimney and that it is free of creosote buildup that can be harmful to your health, home, and family.

Another sign that you should have your chimney cleaned is if you notice a decrease in the amount of smoke escaping from the top of your chimney. This is because the creosote buildup blocks the flow of air and keeps smoke from escaping.

Debris buildup is a common concern among homeowners and can be a sign that your chimney needs to be cleaned. Whether it’s an accumulation of creosote, soot, or other materials, this type of buildup can cause damage to your fireplace and chimney system, which is why you should call on a professional to do a chimney cleaning regularly.

Chimney fires can be devastating to your home and family, and a clogged flue can lead to dangerous fumes that spread through your house. This can pose health risks and cause carbon monoxide poisoning for you, your family, and anyone else in the home.

A blocked chimney flue also prevents your fireplace from generating enough heat to burn efficiently, which means you have to use more wood than you would otherwise. This can increase your heating costs and negatively impact your wallet.

In addition, a dirty chimney can be more difficult to light a fire and maintain. Over time, the flue liner will collect a lot of creosote, soot, and other materials that can make it hard to light a fire.

The best way to keep your chimney clean is to schedule an annual inspection and a professional cleaning by a qualified chimney sweep. This will remove any debris, soot, and creosote buildup from your chimney and flue.

This service will improve your fire’s efficiency, which can save you money in the long run. The technician will scrape away creosote and soot, inspect your chimney for blockages, and vacuum up any other debris.

Having your chimney professionally cleaned will also increase the lifespan of the flue. This is because the flue will be more effective at allowing smoke to escape your home. It will also be more efficient at creating a draft, which will improve your fire’s burning ability and reduce emissions.

What You Have To Know About Investing Your Money!

Investing is so easy, anyone can do it. But not everyone can do it well. Investing intelligently is about getting the right information and considering all your decisions thoroughly. Without the right information, you can lose money instead of earning it. Keep reading for some awesome tips about investing your money.


Always get your properties inspected. Inspections are not a bad thing, and you shouldn’t think of them as an annoying expense. Inspections can uncover serious issues that may not be immediately apparent. This can give you negotiating leverage or allow you to fix issues before someone else requests an inspection.


Many people who are interested in buying and selling real estate join real estate clubs, and you should too! In this venue, you will find a high concentration of people who are interested in the properties you have to offer and/or who have properties on offer that you may really want. This is a great place to network, share your business cards and fliers and promote your business.


Don’t just go with the very first piece of property you come across when you’re looking for real estate to put your money into. A lot of the time you will find that there are better deals if you look hard for them. You don’t want to end up with something only to find a better deal after spending all your money on something else.


Pick one core strategy and get good at it. Your choices range from buying and flipping, buying and rehabbing or buying and renting. It is easier to master one of the three choices than dabble in two or three. In general, you make the most money in the long run by buying and holding.


As stated above, investing is relatively simple. However, you have to know what you are doing to be good at it. Follow the simple and helpful tips above to make the best decisions when it comes to your investments. You will be glad you did when your earnings come in.

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How to Prepare for Short Sale Inquiries

The number of short sale inquiries in Florida continues to climb. The Florida Department of Financial Services and the State of Florida are concerned about this increase. According to FDS, an analysis shows that more than half of all foreclosure transactions in Florida are short sales. In some neighborhoods, the percentage is as high as eighty percent.

Why are short sale inquiries on the rise? One reason why they are happening so frequently is the recent downturn in the real estate market. Many home buyers who have purchased a foreclosed home due to the recent recession decided to wait to sell their property until the market improved. Unfortunately, it did not. As a result of these unfortunate circumstances, the price of foreclosure homes has skyrocketed.

While the overall number of short sales has been up slightly, there are still too many bank-owned homes for sale on the market. In fact, competition among home buyers is getting more intense as time goes by. Many real estate agents believe that there may be as few as five new homes on the market currently. Individual homeowners are selling most because most banks do not want to foreclose on their own property.

A second reason for a significant increase in short-sale inquiries is the current trend in selling foreclosure homes at a local foreclosure auction. A recent study at the University of Florida’s Gainseville Laboratory found that borrowers completed seventy percent of all foreclosure auctions performed in Florida in 2021 with less than twenty percent loan equity. This means that most foreclosure sales in Florida last year were executed by borrowers with very little or no chance of completing the loan independently. In our experience, lenders and banks rarely allow borrowers to complete the loan on their own. In fact, they rarely allow a person to become a homeowner without their financial assistance.

The lack of available short sales properties on the market has made it difficult for people to compete for the homes they need to buy. Borrowers interested in foreclosing on their bank-owned home to save the money that would otherwise be spent on a down payment can often do so only by signing a short sale agreement. This agreement requires the borrower to sell the house at a lower price than the balance of the mortgage, plus costs and fees, within a specific time period.

When people who have been involved in a short sale inquiry process first approach a lender or a bank, they often attempt to negotiate more affordable monthly payments and interest rates. Unfortunately, these attempts seldom succeed. Lenders and banks rarely have any interest in allowing borrowers to remain in homes priced beyond their means. They view short sale agreements as a way to prevent foreclosures and avoid the costs, delays, and associated stigma associated with bank-owned properties. And while banks and lenders do not want to foreclose, they certainly do not want to take on the additional expense of disposing of bank-owned property.

In addition to the difficulties of negotiating payment and interest rates, some inherent risks are involved with short sales. Although some buyers are qualified to purchase bank-owned homes and can help buyers obtain short-sale deals, many are not interested in pursuing this option. Short sales require large sums of money upfront, and many individuals who are skilled in negotiations and real estate transactions do not have this type of capital available. The potential savings for lenders and banks from disposing of these properties can quickly pale into a small sum when the costs and fees associated with disposing of a property are factored in. This is why banks and other financial institutions rarely engage in short-sale transactions.

However, the possibility of obtaining short-sale properties does exist. As a buyer, you may be able to successfully negotiate better short sale terms and interest rates and obtain a better overall deal than what you could have obtained if you had not inquired. The question is, how determined are you to pursue pursuing your goal of purchasing a short sale? It would be best to prepare a realistic short sale budget ahead of time and to gather as much information as possible on the process of short sale financing.